360˚ Interactive Panoramic Virtual Tours

We can help you raise the power of your engagements beyond static installation shots by capturing the complete visual environment of your 1-time exhibitions with our 360° interactive virtual tour technology to provide audiences with an immersive experience, anytime, from anywhere.

● Bring your exhibitions to global audiences virtually.

● Keep audiences entertained and on your site. Viewers can navigate as if they’re there  - move between rooms, zoom, pan, click on objects, at their own pace.  

● Inspire audiences to visit your exhibitions in person - 360°'s are proven to increase on-site attendance. 

● Build virtual content libraries to ensure audiences can view all your 1-time exhibitions, for all time. 

● Stay competitive with your sector peers and up-to-date with core audiences. 

● Create other key content - 360° tours of studios, homes and collections; site specific installations; architecture sites.


Sarah Sze: Triple Point, United States Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2013

TPI 360° Virtual Tours - Features and Enhancements: 

● Super high resolution virtual spherical panoramic capture -- of your space, exhibition, architectural site.

● Single vantage point or multiple angles - depending on the viewer experience you're providing and the number of spaces/rooms 

 Viewer controlled navigation and movement through the space - which can include hotspot alerts to indicate the next room or if an object can be clicked on for additional views. 

● Full screen viewing capability to provide the ultimate virtual tour experience.

● Post production capability to add and integrate clickable "content" hotspots - to embellish your tour with embedded video, orbital rotations of 3-D objects, archival still shots and informational popup windows.

● Value added pricing for the capture phase of our 360° services - when we are also shooting at your space in other formats. 

● Tours are operational on all mobile devices - Apple iphones, ipads, and all Android devices - and are compatible on all Flash and HTML 5 websites.

Mike Kelley, Gagosian Gallery, New York, 2005