HD Video Services

Shorts/Trailers   •   Exhibition Videos   •   Object Rotation Videos   •   Interviews/Documentaries

TPI's umbrella of video services can bring energy and excitement to your website, mobile and other presentations.

● Select from our high impact, immersive content options to more powerfully connect with today's sophisticated global audiences.

● Customize your video to suit your needs and tastes. Text, music, graphics, logos, animation, voice over can be creatively integrated into a beautiful finished production.

● Make an appointment to sit down with us to see more of our current video content which is offline. 

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Trailers/Short Videos

We can create a whole range of Shorts to help you meet key communication needs: Event Teasers, VIP Invites, Announcements, Press Releases.

Single Object Rotation Videos

Create videos showing all sides of a 3D object in a perfect 360° rotation, a more effective and entertaining way to present sculpture than still photography alone.

Exhibition Videos

Capture your 1-time events for all time with high impact, entertaining viewing experiences, proven to be more engaging to audiences than 2D installation shots.

Interview Videos and Mini Documentaries

Develop content for websites, presentations and as thank you gifts to collaborators and collectors by documenting Curatorial Interviews, Artists at Work, Exhibition Overviews, etc.