HD Video Services

Shorts/Trailers   •   Exhibition Videos   •   Object Rotation Videos   •   Interviews/Documentaries

TPI's umbrella of HD video services can bring energy and excitement to your website, mobile and other presentations.

● Select from our high impact, immersive content options to raise the power of your connections with sophisticated global audiences.

● Customize your HD video to your needs and tastes. Text, music, graphics, logos, animation, voice over can be creatively integrated into a beautiful finished production.

● Make an appointment to sit down with us to see more of our current video content which is offline. 

Trailers/Short Videos

We can create Trailers to help you meet key communication needs: Event Teasers, VIP Invites, Announcements, Press Releases.

Single Object Rotation Videos

"Orbital" videos show all sides of a 3D object in a perfect 360° rotation, a far more effective, entertaining way to present sculpture.

Exhibition Videos

Capture your 1-time events for all time with high impact, entertaining HD videos, proven to be more engaging to audiences than 2-D installation shots.

Interview Videos and Mini Documentaries

Develop content for websites, presentations and as thank you gifts for collaborators and collectors by documenting Curatorial Interviews, Artists at Work, etc.