Time-Lapse Videos

Installation Process • Site Specific Works • Performances/Events • Artists at Work • Architecture/Design

TPI can create dramatic content for websites and presentations by compressing lengthy happenings into engaging sequences, wherein hours, days, weeks, pass by in minutes. 

Our final edit can be combined with music, text, stills, commentary and animations to create stunning films.

Make an appointment to sit down with us to see the wide range of time-lapse videos we've created for clients.

See more time-lapse examples on our vimeo account:

● Condense one-time installations into entertaining short sequences audiences can enjoy for all time.

● Reveal the drama of time passing and the beauty of changes in light on site-specific, exterior installations.

● Create press interest and generate excitement with teasers that inspire audiences to see the show in person.

● Communicate an artist's complex creative process and his/her studio's inner workings.

● Show the progress on construction of a new space or the creation of a new work.

● Capture the highlights of openings, performances, art fairs, and other events.