Tom Powel, Founder

"This is art we're talking about. The quality of the image is critical."

Raised by a father who was an inventor, an engineer, and an ardent collector of cameras and luxury vintage cars, Tom had the opportunity to cultivate his skills, indulge his creativity, and embrace the value of new technology from a young age.  From the moment his father gave him his first Leica, Tom was hooked on the craft. 

After receiving his BFA in photography and painting, Tom went on to study at the prestigious Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine.

In 1986, spotting an opportunity to utilize his unique mix of talents, Tom founded his own company with the aim of taking the photographing of fine art to a new level, making it his central mission to create images as meticulous in detail as the art itself.

For 33 years, Tom's proprietary techniques of craft, perfectionist standards, and stringent quality control practices have ensured that the images he delivers meet the highest of standards. 

Cutting edge imaging technologies enable clients to engage powerfully and achieve results.

"My clients need access to the most sophisticated immersive imaging, so they can engage their key audiences in today's competitive, content driven mobile culture."

Service and trust are fundamental to TPI values and daily practices.

Possessing that rare combination of skill, creativity, attention to detail, and passion, Tom puts his heart and soul into every client relationship.

"Helping customers connect with audiences, streamline processes, and save time is what happens when we deliver exquisite images the first time out. Making my clients happy is what we're all about."

"Trust is paramount in the art world, so discretion and confidentiality have always been absolutely foremost to how we operate."